Saturday, May 18, 2013

Furious Fourcast #2 - The Tumbleweed Hour

The next Xbox reveal is just a couple of days away as Microsoft is already planning a big swaree. In this week's Furious Fourcast episode, Scott plays a game of twenty question with Adam, Jen and Robert about what they expect to see from the next-gen unveiling.

Also on the docket is Metro: Last Light and why didn't THQ improve 4A Studios working conditions if they were so bad, the strange shenanigans involving Ubisoft and 1666 and the even stranger decision by Nintendo to claim ad revenue rights to fan created YouTube videos.

There's even EA dropping the Online Pass, another season of Defiance where Scott reveals he may or may not be a prude and we manage to stroll into bashing on the Wii U yet again. Nintendo just makes it too easy unfortunately.

Yes, its more fun, frivolity and furious geekery with the Furious Fourcast #2 - The Tumbleweed Hour including a Burning Question involving Michael Bay!